Asphalting of new highway bypassing Lachin city underway

By Vugar Khalilov

The asphalting of the new highway bypassing Lachin city is
underway, Azernews reports, citing the Azerbaijani State Agency of
Automobile Roads.

The construction of the highway is one of the main road
infrastructure projects being carried out in the territories of the
Karabakh and East Zangazur economic regions.

All highways are designed to bypass large settlements in the
regions to ensure the comfort of the people living there, as well
as the citizens who will use the roads.

The construction of a new highway, which bypasses Lachin, is
carried out with this in mind. The length of the new highway is 32
km. The roadway will be 7-10.5 meters wide, the soil bed will be
12-15 meters, and the shoulder portions will be 2×2.5 meters (5

Large-scale construction is now taking place along the route.
According to the project, the landfill and artificial facilities
are being built. Unsuitable soil and vegetation are being excavated
to enlarge the landfill, the road is being expanded and profiled
using special procedures, and a new landfill and road base are
being constructed in compliance with the Construction Norms and
Rules. The laying of a new asphalt-concrete pavement has begun in
the section where the road base is complete.

In line with the project, the construction of circular pipes and
various artificial structures is also being carried out to ensure
the transfer of water along the road passing through the difficult
terrain. In this context, the construction of a 4-span bridge with
a length of 149.5 meters and a width of 13.5 meters, on the 22nd km
of the road, is currently underway.

The new highway is being built in line with the timetable and
the technological sequence under the supervision of the. Necessary
forces have been involved in the area to complete the construction
work in 2022.

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