Azerbaijan boosts power production by 3.3 pct

Azerbaijan increased its electricity production by 3.3 percent or 292.2 million kWh, bringing the volume to 9.2 billion kWh during the period of January-April 2022, Azernews reports citing the Energy Ministry.

During the reported period, thermal power plant electricity generation increased by 232.6 million kWh to 8.6 billion kWh, while hydroelectric power plant electricity generation increased by 52.2 million kWh to 492.6 million kWh. Meanwhile, electricity generation from other sources increased by 7.4 million kWh to 126.2 million kWh.

At the same time, wind power plants produced 32.2 million kWh of electricity, solar power plants 18 million kWh, and solid household waste incineration plants 76 million kWh.

The Azerenergy OJSC accounted for 8.3 billion kWh of electricity production (including 7.8 billion kWh at thermal power plants and 463 million kWh at hydroelectric power plants), while the State Energy Agency of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic accounted for 116.26 million kWh (including 73.9 million kWh at thermal power plants, 25.7 million kWh at hydroelectric power plants and 16.6 million kWh at solar power plants). Furthermore, the power generated by the Azerishig OJSC’s wind power plants was 20.1 million kWh, while the autonomous power plants generated 753.2 million kWh.

In January-April, electricity imports increased by 6.6 million kWh to 40.7 million kWh, while exports decreased by 35.4 million kWh to 518.6 million kWh.

Furthermore, in April 2022, the country’s electricity production increased by 1.2 percent or 23.1 million kWh to 2 billion kWh. Electricity exports decreased by 36 million kWh to 11 million kWh during the reported month, while imports decreased by 5.1 million kWh to 10 million kWh.

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