Azerbaijani leader: “Zangazur Corridor is already becoming a reality”

Azerbaijan attaches great importance to the interaction among
the Caspian Sea littoral nations, and the 2018 Aktau Convention on
the Legal Status of the sea is of historic importance.

This assessment by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev of the
recent Caspian summits, viewed as pivotal in overcoming
disagreements and near-conflict situations, is indicative of
official Baku’s strong satisfaction as they paved the way for the
beneficial use of offshore oil and gas resources for the welfare of

Revisiting the issue and obstacles in nearing approaches of the
Caspian littoral states, the Azerbaijani president added that the
Aktau Convention crowned many years of work and determined the
legal status of the Caspian Sea.

“Its early entry into force will create a solid legal basis for
the adoption of even more effective measures aimed at further
comprehensive interaction and cooperation between our states,” the
president said in his speech in Ashgabat, drawing indirectly the
attention of the Iranian president in presence to the need for
ratification of the document.

The legal framework of cooperation among the Caspian littoral
states is being bolstered and cemented. Agreements have been signed
and entered into force in the security, hydrometeorology, transport
sectors, conservation and rational use of aquatic biological
resources, prevention and elimination of emergency situations, as
well as other areas of mutual interest.

Highlighting the importance of interaction based on the respect
for the interests of all actors on regional and international
platforms amid ongoing conflicts and wars worldwide, the
Azerbaijani president reiterated his determination to hugely
contribute to peace and prosperity.

“I am pleased to note that our interaction is based on the
respect for the interests of all parties, respect for the
sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence of the Caspian
littoral states, and non-interference in each other’s internal
affairs. The Caspian Sea is an important component of many
international and regional projects aimed at improving the
well-being of the peoples of our region. The key priorities of
littoral states remain the desire to create favorable conditions
for the development of mutually beneficial economic cooperation,
improve the investment climate, create reliable and secure
communications, and attract highly profitable and environmentally
friendly technologies,” the president underlined.

An important area of cooperation, the Azerbaijani president
added, is the development of transport infrastructure, improving
the quality of transport services, and multimodal

“The bilateral and multilateral agreements concluded among
Caspian littoral states in the field of transport create a good
basis for turning the Caspian Sea region into a major international
transport hub with developed infrastructure,” Ilham Aliyev said,
stressing the pivotality of the matter in question.

Azerbaijan is one of the significant transport and logistical
centers of Eurasia now. Azerbaijan plays an important part in the
development of East-West and North-South international transport

“We are making effort to effectively use the Trans-Caspian
International Transport Route. This will make it possible to use
the transport potential of the Caspian littoral states to the
maximum extent and contribute to the implementation of new projects
for the development of transport infrastructure.”

Azerbaijan observes an annual increase in cargo transportation
through the territory of the country along the East-West and
North-South routes. The volumes of transit cargo going through the
new international trade seaport of Alat are increasing, the
Azerbaijani leader opined.

“After the Victory in the Patriotic War and the resolution of
the conflict with Armenia, Azerbaijan began to carry out
large-scale work on the reconstruction and restoration of Karabakh
and Eastern Zangazur, including the development of international
transport links. The Zangazur corridor is already becoming a
reality,” the president concluded.

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