Azerbaijani president meets visiting Russian foreign minister

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev received Russian Foreign
Minister Sergey Lavrov, Azernews reports per Azertac.

Speaking at the meeting, President Ilham Aliyev

– Dear Sergey Viktorovich, I am very pleased to see you again.
Welcome! On the eve of your visit, I remembered our previous
meetings with both you and the President of the Russian Federation.
The signing of the Declaration on Allied Interaction in Moscow
earlier this year gave a good start to our relations, a new stage
in our relations, such a positive harmony and dynamics. I believe
that this key document for the future development of our relations
is a wonderful result of long-term and very fruitful cooperation. A
lot has already been done to implement provisions of the
declaration. I am confident that new steps will be taken in this
direction during your visit. It is noteworthy that in the 30th year
of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries,
we have summed up all the work done and identified further
directions for the development of friendly and good-neighborly

We can talk a lot about our relations. We have repeatedly
exchanged views on this issue. I would like to reiterate my
satisfaction with the development of political relations, permanent
dialogue at the highest level, trade and economic relations, which
have shown good dynamics this year, cooperation in the fields of
transport, energy, and, of course, the humanitarian sphere. In
other words, it would be easier to list areas we do not have close
interaction in. Of course, the Declaration on Allied Interaction is
a very important step in our bilateral relations, and as I have
already said, it will determine the development of our

Today, of course, we will talk about the situation in the
region, the post-conflict situation, the process of normalization
of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia. You are aware of our
position. This position is aimed at establishing long-term peace in
the region. I am confident that our efforts will be positively
perceived by Armenia and many years of confrontation will end. Our
proposal to start work on a peace agreement remains unanswered, but
we still hope that this proposal will be accepted.

Among positive developments, I would like to point to the
intensification of the work of the trilateral working group chaired
by the Deputy Prime Ministers of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. A
new meeting was held in St. Petersburg recently. We do hope that
tangible steps will be taken to implement the November 2020
Declaration in the context of opening communications, ensuring the
unimpeded delivery of Azerbaijani cargo and citizens to the
Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. This is a legal obligation of the
Armenian side. Unfortunately, more than a year and a half has
passed since the end of the second Karabakh war, but this paragraph
of the Declaration has not been implemented yet. I think that it
will be possible to take many tangible steps within the framework
of our concept to normalize the situation as a whole. Of course, we
look forward to the active efforts of the Russian Federation to
establish lasting peace in the Caucasus.