Georgian almonds to be exported to EU this year

By Trend

The Georgian Ministry of Agriculture and the Association of
Almond and Walnut Growers of Georgia are working to begin exports
of Georgian almonds to the European Union market, the Association
Founder Tornike Latatia told local radio station Commersant,
Trend reports citing

Latatia said Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom were
the markets being considered for exports.

“Although almonds grown in Georgia have not yet entered
international markets, its export potential will be displayed this
year, and almonds from Georgia will be exported to EU countries”,
Latatia said.

He added 90 percent of the almond varieties cultivated in
Georgia were European, with some American varieties also being
grown in the country.

“This is being done in order for almonds grown in Georgia to
become acceptable for international markets”, he said, adding there
were two factories processing the fruit in Georgia.

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