Adetayo Okusanya, Co-Founder/ COO of H.C. Bonum LTD

Adetayo Okusanya, Co-Founder/ COO of H.C. Bonum LTD

Adetayo Okusanya is Co-founder and COO of H.C. Bonum LTD. H.C. Bonum Ltd is a performance-oriented management consulting company focused on supporting organisations in achieving increased productivity and better results through their human capital.

Adetayo is a multi-faceted and experienced business professional with over twenty years of work experience in management consulting, audit, accounting, corporate finance, conference and retreat, facilitation, learning facilitation, coaching and performance consulting in the United States and Africa.

She began her journey of entrepreneurship by starting a human capital development consulting firm, Readinessedge Ltd. She has also worked as Senior Consultant in PricewaterhouseCoopers, a leading professional services firm, and a Senior Finance Manager at Microsoft, a Fortune 50 technology corporation in the United States.

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Adetayo is a lifelong learner, with an eye for detail and focus on excellence in performance. Early in her professional career, Adetayo discovered her passion for unleashing human potential and has since been involved in mentoring, coaching and learning facilitation. With an undergrad degree in Human Resources Management from University of Lagos, an accounting certification, MBA from Darden Graduate School of Business, as well as both local and international work experiences, she is uniquely positioned to support client organisations in achieving more through their people.

Okusanya has had her share of hitting rock bottom, and despite what ‘hitting rock bottom’ means to different people, she admits that one thing that people who believe they have hit rock bottom have in common is that feeling of being at the lowest point of their lives. For her, hitting rock bottom is more than a physical experience. It can be emotional and psychological, an often devastating combination.

She recalls twice in her life when she had the palpable feeling of being at rock bottom. The first time was when she was in Business School in the United States. It was the achievement of a life-long dream, but in the spirit of “be careful what you wish for”, she had a hard time integrating into the American academic life because of two personal factors that worked against her.

The first was her strong preference for introverted thinking, which held her back from contributing as much as was required to class discussions, a factor which counted towards performance scores. The second factor that impacted her was her earnest desire to discover herself in business school. She weathered through all the challenges and became successful in her endeavour.

Sharing on team work, she insists not to forget the ‘work’ in ‘teamwork’ because “Your team must work through identity and trust issues, interpersonal conflict, diversity of role and task expectations, and differences in approaches in order to create outstanding collective results.” She said.