ANTIGUA-TOURISM-Government to conduct study on hotel workers income

The Antigua and Barbuda government says it will conduct a study of the wages and emoluments earned by hotel workers, in order to determine whether the incomes paid are fair or if they have kept stride with workers in other industries and in the public service.

It said that the economic analysis would help to guide government and unions in their determination of just returns to workers in a thriving sector of the economy.

“The hotel industry continues to be a major employer and every effort must be made to ensure that it can continue to attract outstanding talent to its ranks.

“The Cabinet is of the view that the industry ought to be the most attractive employer; however, it is recognized that the public sector has become very attractive to many workers. That should not be. The study would determine why this anomaly and how to cure it,” the government statement noted.

It gave no date as to when the study would begin or whether or not it would be undertaken by a local or foreign organisation.

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