Important news keep coming from Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant Rooppur as construction operations are progressing ahead of schedule and employees receive additional training to increase safety and efficiency of the on-site works.

In late April, the first equipment installation and steel erection team from EnergoSpetsMontazh (ESM, part of Rosatom) took a training course in confined space safety at the Rooppur construction site.

This mandatory course precedes the installation of tanks and condensers in the auxiliary buildings at Units 1 and 2 and in the turbine island of Unit 1.

Apart from the theoretical knowledge that helps assess risks, lay out working procedures and plans and analyze technical documents, the team members acquired necessary practical skills.

For example, they mastered self-rescue techniques, gained experience in using personal and collective protective equipment and developed proficiency in rescuing and evacuating other employees.

“Our company is working on a number of extremely challenging tasks at the Rooppur construction site, installing a variety of thermal and mechanical equipment. Extra training on those quite specific operations will improve employee safety and working efficiency,” says ESM CEO Mikhail Pinchuk.

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