A shortage of suitable sites is prompting companies to buy up land before deciding on the specifics of project construction, as a junior minister stated more solar is likely to be waved through by 2025.

The rise of solar in Bangladesh has prompted some entrepreneurs to start buying up land before attending to the specifics of project development.

Imran Chowdhury, country manager for the Singaporean development unit of Chinese inverter maker Sungrow, said land shortages in Bangladesh mean the company is addressing site concerns before plant development.

“Sungrow Renewables have plans to develop bankable IPP [independent power producer]-based solar project development in Bangladesh for providing affordable green energy to the national grid.” said Chowdhury.

The popularity of solar was reflected by an announcement by junior energy minister Nasrul Hamid that the government will approve more solar plans, above and beyond the 1.4 GW of generation capacity due to come online by 2025.

The planned pipeline of 28 under-construction projects includes sites which are ready to start commercial production and others at an advanced stage of building, according to industry insiders.

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