Your Father’s People Will Not Succeed!

Okay, mum, I have to go. I will call you later in the evening. Please don’t tell anyone about any marriage plans because there is none; in fact, forget the whole story I just shared with you.

Mo ti gbo… Lola’s mum responded mischievously and smiled.

Craig at the other end was in a dilemma of Lola’s ‘blatant No’ to his request.

He remembers how many times his mother told him the story of his childhood days and how he was such a shy baby. He could hardly mutter his words confidently till age fifteen.

Did I say something wrong? Did I speak at the wrong time? Did I stutter? A lot of “Did I” kept flying around Craig’s mind all through the day.

His phone rang and his childhood friend was on the line. Hey Oga Craig, how you dey? As you refuse to call person, I say make a call you. Let’s have a drink this evening, there’s a new joint close to your office, let’s catch up and relax. I will meet you up by 7 pm, is that a good time? Craig jumped at the offer instantly.

After the close of work, still no call from Craig. Lola began to feel really bad and sad at the same time. How could she have said No to such an invitation that she has never gotten from any man before. Why am I so serious…isn’t it just a wedding invitation?

Peem….peem…peem, the car at Lola’s rear was honking so Lola can give way….she jolted and realized she has been lost in thought and was driving right in the middle of the road and not by the side as expected.

She decided to drive towards the church area to join the service that evening, instead of going straight home like she normally would have.

Oh merciful Lord, please forgive me, I think I have dragged this matter beyond the limit. Please have mercy on me, in the book of Romans chapter 9 verse 15, For you said to Moses, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.” This is your daughter Lola, please choose to have mercy on me.

I will like Craig to forgive me and ask me again. Thank you, Lord. She quickly slipped away after the service and drove straight home. She had a good night’s rest.

Two weeks have gone by and Craig did not make any call to Lola. This was shocking to Lola as she believed God heard her prayers.

She summoned up the courage and placed a call through to Craig. The phone rang severally but no one picked. She sent WhatsApp messages but the messages were not delivered nor read by anyone.

She became anxious and paranoid at the same time. Lola drove to her mum’s house after work. She met her mum watching her favourite family drama on the television. Ahhh…Lola what brought you here this time of the night, Lola’s mum asked. She did not say one word, she just went straight to her mum’s room and slept off. The next day was a Saturday so Lola did not have to wake up early for work.

At about 11 am, she was called out of the room to eat breakfast. This was already dished out for her with her mum’s help. It was the popular Pap and Akara [a staple meal for most Nigerian homes on Saturdays].

Pap is a Nigerian dish made from fermented corn. It is used usually for breakfast or dinner. The pap is mixed with Sugar or honey or taken alone.

Akara, which is also known as black-eyed peas or beans flour, is a very delicious, deep-fried bean cake made from black-eyed peas paste.

Lola and her mum did not utter one word to one another all through breakfast time. They happily consumed the sumptuous Akara and Pap without complaint.

After the meal, Lola burst out in tears and hugged her mum. Mum pray for me, I think I just lost a man that God brought into my life. God forbid, retorted Lola’s mum, your father’s people will not succeed in Jesus’ name. Where is the man, let us go and find him, don’t worry I will plead with him on your behalf….