CCE MVC winners Lyceum want to erase stigma on esports

Luisa Morales –

November 26, 2021 | 12:01pm

MANILA, Philippines – Ruling the competition in the Collegiate Center for Esports (CCE) Mobile Legends: Bang 5-on-5 Varsity Cup (MVC) is just the tip of the iceberg for the Lyceum of the Philippines University as they continue their dive in esports.

This as they remain determined to attract an even larger interest and participation through the school’s historic Bachelor of Science in Esports program.

The Pirates’ MVC team, composed of Yancy Remulla, Lorenzo Navarro, Alvin Baetiong, Carlo Abadeza and Shawn Umali, dominated the competition from nine other schools in the hopes of gaining even more traction for esports in LPU.

“It’s a big thing, but we still have a lot of work to do. It’s definitely a good push for the campaign to improve the importance of Esports,” said LPU athletic director Hercules Callanta.

With its convincing victory in the MVC, as well as the introduction of their Esports program, LPU is out to play a part in legitimizing esports as a viable career path and shake away the negative stigma associated with gaming.

“There is a stigma in terms of Esports as far as the students are concerned. There must be programs that should address this particular stigma so that it can be resolved and can help the athletes come up with academic excellence,” said Callanta.

LPU is united in CCE with this goal, as the newly formed collegiate league is set to normalize esports juxtaposed to traditional sports being played in colleges and universities.

Following the success of the MVC, the CCE is expected to come out with a season-by-season calendar by next year where enrolled students from the pioneer member schools will become full-fledged esports student-athletes.