Police puzzle over new bones

SARABURI: Police are inspecting more human bones found in a canal in Nong Don district. A car containing the remains of a missing woman was pulled out of the canal last week.

Investigators are uncertain if the new bones belong to Klinkaysorn Wongsing, a 36-year-old sales representative and restaurant owner, or someone else, said Pol Maj Gen Thanayut Wutthicharatthamrong, deputy commissioner of the Provincial Police Region 1.

Found along with the new bones was women’s underwear and some green adhesive tape, he said, adding that if the new bones are found to be someone else’s then the case of Ms Klinkaysorn’s death will be further complicated.

A number of people of interest are being interrogated by police in connection with her death.

Among them are a fellow fertiliser sales representative, an older man owning a fertiliser business and Ms Klinkaysorn’s ex-husband.

The case came under the spotlight after the car and its gruesome cargo was pulled from the Nam Chai Nat-Pasak canal on Monday. Villagers discovered the car lying on its roof at the bottom of the canal, after it was drained to irrigate rice fields.