Azerbaijani ombudsman prepares another appeal to ICRC, UN regarding captured Azerbaijani soldiers

By Trend

Commissioner for Human Rights of Azerbaijan (Ombudsman) Sabina Aliyeva sent the appeals to the relevant international organizations on November 12 in connection with the gross violation of international law and humanitarian law in relation to Azerbaijani soldiers captured during hostilities as a result of another act of Armenia’s military aggression against Azerbaijan since September 2020, as well as torture, humiliation, and other facts, the Information and PR Department of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights told Trend on Nov. 22.

In her appeal, Aliyeva expressed a demand to take important steps to conduct the appropriate investigation by international organizations, reflecting the facts of inhuman treatment with Azerbaijani prisoners of war by the Armenian Armed Forces, to stop illegal actions against Azerbaijani prisoners of war, their return to Azerbaijan following the requirements of international law, including the definition of international legal responsibility for the actions of the Armenian political leadership, grossly violating human rights and freedoms and committing war crimes.

“Along with the abovementioned aspects, the Ombudsman from the very first day focuses on the issue related to Azerbaijani soldiers Amin Musayev and Bayram Karimov captured by Armenian soldiers and in this regard, another appeal to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the UN has already been prepared,” the appeal said.