Azerbaijan’s “Lachin” Junction Substation to power city, surrounding villages – AzerEnergy

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The 110/35/10 kV “Lachin” Junction Substation to be built by
AzerEnergy OJSC in Lachin, is aimed at connecting the city and
surrounding villages to the existing power grid of Azerbaijan, as
well as ensuring the stable and uninterruptible power supply, Head
of the AzerEnergy Public Relations Center Teymur Abdullayev told

According to him, the new “Lachin” substation will have a total
capacity of 80 megavolt-amperes (MVA) (2×40). Thus, a two-level 110
kV line to be laid from the “Shukurbayli” substation in Fuzuli
through the “Jabrayil”, “Zangilan”, “Gubadli” substations to the
“Gulabird”, a two-level 110 kV line – from the “Dashkasan”
substation to the “Kalbajar” and “Gorchu”, as well s a two-level
110 kV line – from the “Shukurbayli” substation to the “Fuzuli” and
“Shusha”, will be connected to the “Lachin” Junction Substation. In
case of the accident on any high-voltage line, it will be powered
through the other direction of the line without any interruptions
in the power supply.

“The control center, equipped with modern microprocessor digital
control, protection, and automation systems, direct and alternating
installations, indoor switchgears with a capacity of 35 kV and 10
kV, an open 110 kV switchgear with the latest equipment, is also
supposed be constructed at the Lachin Junction Substation,”
Abdullayev said.

As he noted, AzerEnergy OJSC will establish a local micro-SCADA
supervisory control system in order to monitor the substation’s
operating mode and transfer indicators to the central SCADA power
system. Furthermore, the pumping station, a fire reservoir, fire
protection, and fire warning systems will also be installed to
ensure fire safety at the substation.

According to Abdullayev, the construction of the ‘Gorchu’
substation with a capacity of 110/35/10 kV 2×40 MVA is nearing
completion in Gorchu’s village, located in the northern part of the

The construction of a two-level 110 kV and 42 kilometer-long
overhead line, laid from the Kalbajar substation, has been
completed, he said.

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