Meet the crew that vlogs fun challenges & games

Meet the crew that vlogs fun challenges & games

MANILA, Philippines — A fun, unusual and exciting content is what The Cray Crew promises to present every Thursday on GMA Entertainment Group’s YouTube comedy channel YouLOL. Showing their adventurous side and vlogging skills are Kim de Leon, Radson Flores, Abdul Raman and Allen Ansay. The StarStruck alumni will be the viewers’ point persons to know and experience thrilling challenges, fun games, Internet trends, harmless pranks and the booming world of gaming.

“Think of words whose (first syllable sounds or almost sounds) like the word cray,” said Kim during a recent virtual presscon, “such as creative and crayons. (With that,) we hope to make someone’s day colorful (through the fun content we share).” By the way, cray is a slang word for crazy. However, the crew will redefine it as embarking on funny, friendly activities.

Radson Flores

“It’s about doing challenges and games with a twist and (answering) questions,” reiterated Kim, adding that he and fellow content producer-hosts may “take over” a co-actor’s taping or make a surprise visit. They will surely capture funny and unguarded moments within the bounds of good, clean fun.

“For me, what binds us (among many other things) is the fun stuff that we do,” shared Radson, “(and) we’re just being true and real to each other and we’re friends in real life… we got to know each other through showbiz.”

Abdul Raman

Giving Kapuso audiences a sneak-peek into what the crew will do, Abdul said, “One of the most exciting things I want us to do in the future is, yung pinagpaplanuhan namin from the start pa lang, mag-explore kami ng actual haunted houses and like duon kami magtatakutan. It’s one of the crazier things that we plan to do.” If this pushes through, Allen seems to be the right companion (or “easy target”) for the challenge.

Allen Ansay will be the viewers’ point persons to know thrilling challenges, fun games, Internet trends, harmless pranks and the booming world of gaming.

“I’ll be the one that they want to be with (in this kind of challenge) kasi ako yung (gustong) pag-ti-tripan nila, ako yung matatakutin sa grupo namin (I get scared easily),” he said, “sigurado baka ako yung sumuko sa mga challenge namin.” But who knows? Allen might surprise everyone and even himself. He might be the bravest. Part of the crew’s “wish list” of challenges are going to an ukay-ukay (a store that sells secondhand items) in Taytay and making a dance video.

Among The Cray Crew guys, Allen is the most familiar with vlogging.

“Based on my experience, kailangan habang nag-vo-vlog ka masaya ka (you have to be upbeat while vlogging),” he said, “and if you do so and your vlog is colorful, people will like it. I think we can do this well because we know each other.” Kim, Radson, Abdul and Allen will bring their diverse interests and distinct personality to the online show.

“What, I think, is important is we have to be natural in front of the camera and it is something that we prioritize (and we intend to do),” Radson added. “I hope people will like it and I think it is something that they prefer (and look for).”

The Cray Crew is the avenue for these up-and-coming teen stars and heartthrobs to further test the showbiz waters.

Aside from the vlog-style online show, Comedy Night Live, COMICAM, Ladies Room Live and Kaya Ko ‘Yan! are some of the latest, upcoming programs of YouLOL.

Comedy Night Live features comedy bar hosts and stand-up comedians like Boobay, Tekla and Boobsie, who do skits and gags, perform and interact with audiences. COMICAM gives subscribers the platform to share their knack for comedy.

Ladies Room Live, set to return on Dec. 18, will see Valeen Montenegro, Lovely “Ga” Abella and Chariz Solomon engage in interesting and personal conversations. Premiering in January, Kaya Ko ‘Yan! will witness how stars perform special tasks to be accomplished in a day.

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