The importance of good counsel

ROSES AND THORNSPia Roces Morato (The Philippine Star) – July 23, 2021 – 12:00am

Over and over we have been told that seeking good counsel is important. As an educator I have learned many times, and perhaps even the hard way, on how seeking the wisdom of others have proven to be helpful in terms of personal growth. In every situation, there are many given perspectives and in our youth, our parents have helped us see things differently, apart from our one track way of thinking.

Well, for the most part, my folks did this for me and I learned to look at the other side of the coin because of their good counsel. I consider my parents to be good advisers, if I may say so. We often discussed issues together and hashed out ideas and opinions as well as received instruction that direct our better judgement. Sometimes I have to admit that my stubbornness can get the better of me; however, I always return to my wise men because I know they have my best interest at heart.

In the book of Wisdom or more commonly known as Proverbs, we learn that “where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” Over time I have learned how valuable good counsel is in my everyday growth. As educators we always stress that learning is life-long and that includes one’s desire for seeking wisdom. Imagine, King Solomon himself asked this of God – that he may be given the gift of wisdom, and wisdom comes with the ability to discern, as discernment is also key to finding good counselors. This simply means that one may seek advise, but may seek it from the wrong person, hence, we too must learn to practice discernment as to whom we ask proper advise from.

The essential element of decision making is getting good counsel, especially when we face big decisions in life. Many times people make decisions based on their emotions or based on what other people are doing. As the youth mature into adults, it is important to understand that their journey should include honing not only their talents but also going deeper into honing their character. Learning to discern builds on our character and is achieved over time and with good counsel. In life we meet many people and not everyone will have your best interest at heart; however, on the flip side, one also learns who they can trust and run to for good advise without ulterior motives.

Such advisers are God’s gift to us. They are heavenly treasures beyond anything money can buy. Whenever we seek good counsel, it is our duty to know their character that goes beyond influence. For the most part and, in time, as we listen and receive good counsel in life, we then in turn become counted among the wise. When we work at getting proper advise and instruction, we learn. It is the understanding that we are never always right that helps us become better and just as we sharpen the saw, each motion of going back and forth shows us how pulling back can sometimes be the wiser step as we move forward.